April 2019

// Koala hydration stations installed around Warialda
// Koala bridge promised as part of Labor's $55m Appin Road safety upgrade commitment
// Land clearing is stressing koalas: report
// Mid North Coast Joint Organisation of council to work on a three-year Hastings-Macleay Koala Recovery Partnership
// In vitro analysis of genetically distinct Chlamydia pecorum isolates reveals key growth differences in mammalian epithelial and immune cells
// The Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) faecal microbiome differs with diet in a wild population
// The piRNA Response to Retroviral Invasion of the Koala Genome
// Volunteers needed to plant koala 'habitat' trees at Cook Park, Ruse
// Wild koala numbers dwindle to 48,000 as crossbenchers back Labor's environment law overhaul
// Machine learning system and IR cameras mounted on drones successfully identify koala populations
// Hastings and Macleay schools take part in Koala Smart
// One simple way anyone can help out Gunnedah's koalas
// Wildlife signs go up at Coombabah and Helensvale as motorists urged to slow down to save koalas lives
// Koala population surveyed on EP

March 2019

// Koalas in Noosa are being hounded to death
// Koalas should be given endangered listing, environment groups say
// Detection of a range of genetically diverse chlamydiae in Australian domesticated and wild ungulates
// Prioritising research efforts for effective species conservation: a review of 145 years of koala research
// Queensland research finds faster way to treat koalas with chlamydia
// Controversial koala translocation expansion
// Koalas dying as stakeholders debate Queensland Government's translocation policy
// Nationals koala numbers laid bare
// NSW Koala Research Plan: Expert elicitation of knowledge gaps
// Characterizing the complexity of Australian marsupial insulin-like growth factor 1 genes
// Labor unveils comprehensive plan to rebuild National Parks in NSW
// Koala ko-ordinator fund
// Forestry logging ‘highest priority’ koala habitat
// Comparing immunochromatography with latex antigen agglutination testing for the diagnosis of cryptococcosis in cats, dogs and koalas
// Animal activists join forces to hit out at koala plan