March 2019

// Minister extends rifle range koala land submissions
// Contraception of prepubertal young can increase cost effectiveness of management of overabundant koala populations
// Council to giveaway 2,000 koala food trees
// Quantifying the interactions between koalas in a high-density population during the breeding period
// Koala and Wombat Gammaherpesviruses Encode the First Known Viral NTPDase Homologs and Are Phylogenetically Divergent from All Known Gammaherpesviruses
// Koala habitat destruction nearly doubles in North West since repeal of native vegetation laws
// Automated detection of koalas using low-level aerial surveillance and machine learning
// Not enough: The Government's neglect of our "devastated" koalas
// Port Macquarie Koala Hospital to give away 25,000 koala food trees
// Hello Koalas on display at Canberra's Australian National Botanical Gardens
// Queensland researchers track koalas using heat-seeking drones
// Port Stephens forum targets 40,000 feed trees to help save the iconic koala
// Queensland researchers track koalas using heat-seeking drones
// Stress and habitat linked to koala recovery
// Identification of A Novel Picorna-Like Virus, Burpengary Virus, that is Negatively Associated with Chlamydial Disease in the Koala.
// In vitro binding of cefovecin to plasma proteins in Australian marsupials and plasma concentrations of cefovecin following single subcutaneous administration to koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus).

February 2019

// Myall Koala & Environment Group Results Of Survey Of Koala Habitat And Activity
// Gold Coast koalas will be better protected on Council land
// Koalas can learn to live the city life if we give them the trees and safe spaces they need
// Koala monitoring won't ease the threat to species
// Minister says koala bushland near Belmont rifle range may not need to go
// Ballarat Wildlife Park calls for gum leaves to feed its hungry koalas
// Port Stephens Council approves Koala hospital and tourism infrastructure
// Murrah Flora Reserve left underfunded with no strategic plan, claim Greens
// Differences in the genetic diversity of Chlamydia pecorum between neighbouring sub-populations of koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus): a potential issue for wildlife corridor construction in population management
// Identification of a Novel Picorna-Like Virus, Burpengary Virus, That Is Negatively Associated with Chlamydial Disease in the Koala
// Some good news about koalas in south-east Queensland
// Physiological Stress in Rescued Wild Koalas Are Influenced by Habitat Demographics, Environmental Stressors, and Clinical Intervention.
// The Great Koala National Park: the Big Idea with a Big Future
// New south-east Queensland environment alliance calls for planning overhaul