August 2018

// Video shows injured koala's 'avoidable' death in tunnel
// Koala tree planting volunteers needed
// Rat may hold the key to koala virus spread
// Recording body temperature in koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus): a comparison of techniques
// A Sarcoptes scabiei specific isothermal amplification assay for detection of this important ectoparasite of wombats and other animals
// Induction of neutralizing antibody response against koala retrovirus (KoRV) and reduction in viral load in koalas following vaccination with recombinant KoRV envelope protein
// Degradation and remobilization of endogenous retroviruses by recombination during the earliest stages of a germ-line invasion
// Expanded Molecular Typing of Sarcoptes scabiei Provides Further Evidence of Disease Spillover Events in the Epidemiology of Sarcoptic Mange in Australian Marsupials

July 2018

// Gunnedah Shire Council approves Curlewis Common Road koala plan of management
// Mackay koala numbers in the spotlight at conservation meet
// Applying marketing to wildlife conservation: a new approach
// Using non-invasive sampling methods to determine the prevalence and distribution of Chlamydia pecorum and koala retrovirus in a remnant koala population with conservation importance
// Koala population endangered by Gold Coast development
// Ten koala deaths in three days on North Coast
// Chlamydia threat facing Victorian koalas
// Port Stephens Koala Hospital Stage 1 Complete
// Tweed Coast koala's receive habitat boost
// What does the koala genome tell us about the taste of eucalyptus?
// Are koalas fungible? Biodiversity offsetting and the law
// Australia's wildlife warrior Rebecca Johnson on cracking the koala code
// Gunnedah's Project Koala members call on Gunnedah Shire Council for medical facility
// Port Macquarie Koala Hospital the focus of discussion at the Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference
// Adaptation and conservation insights from the koala genome
// Koala genome sequenced for first time
// Vaccination of koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) against Chlamydia pecorum using synthetic peptides derived from the major outer membrane protein
// Saving koalas: Gene study promises solution to deadly sex disease
// Koala genome project reveals secrets about its toxic diet and disease
// Land clearing to be challenged in the first koala court
// Diabetic Koala Receives New Human Glucose Monitoring System
// Newcastle Airport partners with Port Stephens Koalas to provide road advisory sign