February 2018

// Prevalence, genetic diversity and potential clinical impact of blood-borne and enteric protozoan parasites in some Australian native mammals
// BBC films documentary segment at Port Macquarie's Koala Hospital
// Govt ‘misleading the public’ over koala feed tree planting
// Wollondilly Koala Conservation Project confirms shire has a core habitat that is disease-free, healthy and breeding
// Dehydrated koala dies after hot weather in Sydney
// Endeavour Veterinary Ecology nominated for the 2018 Australian IoT Award!
// EPA ‘refuses to act’ on logging breaches at Limpinwood
// Learn how you can help our koalas
// Environmentalists blockade at Sunny Corner
// Feature: The genetically diverse and important South Gippsland koala population
// Feature: Molecular dynamics and mode of transmission of Koala Retrovirus (KoRV) as it invades and spreads through a wild Queensland koala population
// Hunter Water donates $35,000 to Port Stephens Koalas as it works toward hospital and tourism centre at One Mile
// Regional Forest Agreements (RFA) Online Consultations
// 'Ernie' the koala recovering after being struck by car
// Koala immunology and infectious diseases: How much can the koala bare?
// Curious case of Gippsland koala
// Rebecca Johnson - De Novo Sequencing of the Koala Genome - PacBio PAG 2017
// Call to stop destruction of Koala habitats
// Koala national parks needed before it is too late
// Planning Proposal To Amend Wollondilly Local Environmental Plan 2011

January 2018

// Premier urged to stop koala-habitat logging near Bellingen
// Koala experts say vegetation laws won't save koalas, collaboration is needed
// Murrah Flora Reserves Draft Working Plan - Public consultation closes Jan. 31
// Greens call on council to reconsider stance on koala park
// Brisbane City Council Koala Detection Dog Surveys 2017
// Council not to support Great Koala National Park
// Isolating DNA sourced non-invasively from koala scats: a comparison of four commercial DNA stool kits
// Genetic structure and diversity of the koala population in South Gippsland, Victoria: a remnant population of high conservation significance
// East Coomera koala population faces further habitat loss as housing developers move in
// Collared koala killed on Picton Road