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The Koala Health Hub (KHH) is an initiative of the University of Sydney to benefit koala welfare and conservation by connecting researchers across the country with people on the coalface of koala care and management. Through communication and collaboration, and provision of essential services and expertise, we aim to create an inclusive, diverse and innovative source of support for koala health management in Australia.

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Services of The Koala Health Hub

Laboratory diagnostics

Comprehensive diagnostic lab within the Sydney School of Veterinary Science.

Clinical Care

Comprehensive clinical resource to support best-practice decision-making.


The Koala Health Hub invests in the people responsible for koala care and management.


Research in koala health, and in wildlife health and conservation in general.


Management to provide avenues for koala carers and managers to inform research priorities.

Latest Hot Topics in the news

National Koala Disease Risk Assessment

The Koala Health Hub (in collaboration with Wildlife Health Australia and the IUCN) has recently completed a national Koala Disease Risk Assessment (KDRA). This is the first disease risk analysis to examine disease risk for an Australian wildlife species at the...

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Vale Jo Griffith

It is with great sadness that we report that one of our alumni, Dr Jo Griffith, passed away this week from cancer. Jo completed her PhD in 2010 in the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney with Damien Higgins, Paul Canfield, Mark Krockenberger and Merran...

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The Koala Health Hub has formed to generate and curate scientific research, best practice and care of koala and their environment.  Our website is here to help you find a way to contribute.

- Damien Higgens

Project Lead, Koala Health Hub

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