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Vet Science Diagnostic Support

Laboratory Diagnosis

The Koala Health Hub has established a comprehensive diagnostic lab within the Sydney School of Veterinary Science to provide diagnostic support to koala care groups (free of charge), researchers (by arrangement) and zoological institutions (fee for service). Our most common services include chlamydial and cryptococcal detection, general hematology and biochemistry as well as post-mortem examinations but we can respond to most needs.

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    Clinical Care

    Each year more and more koalas are admitted for care across the country.  Most suffer from chlamydial disease, motor vehicle strike, dog attack, or starvation and displacement. Koala care is expensive and time consuming and most are cared for by voluntary koala carers and local vets who donate their services. Koala Health Hub supports koala rehabilitation groups and their vets with free-of-charge diagnostic support and advice.

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    The Koala Health Hub invests in the people responsible for koala care and management.

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      Evidence based Koala ecology

      Koala Health Management

      Our collaboration across koala management projects from Gunnedah to the Blue Mtns, Campbelltown, Southern Highlands and the far South Coast of NSW give us a broad perspective of the issues facing koalas and their management. This, and our long history in koala health, places us well to advise on study design and government policy.

      A better future for the Koala


      Our group’s research is multi-disciplinary, covering the many host, pathogen and environmental factors that interact to cause disease in koalas, the conservation and welfare implications of these diseases, and evaluating potential management approaches, including vaccination against chlamydial disease.

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      Local Land Services NSW

      What has happened to the koalas around Gunnedah?

      This film explores what lead to the steep decline in the koala population in the last 15 years and the work of Local Land Services, researchers and community groups who are trying to assist in koala population recovery across the Liverpool Plains.