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Training resources and fact sheets

  • Standardised ultrasonographic protocol
  • Chlamydial Swab Collection
  • Koala Retrovirus
  • Chlamydia in Koalas
  • Koalas & Genetic Diversity
  • Post-Mortem Factsheet
  • PM examination record sheet

Position statements

Koala Health Hub Translocation Workshop 31 March 2016 Position Statement: Queensland Government
Koala Translocation Policy. Will upload doc

Policies, management plans and guidelines

Federal plans and guidelines

State Government plans and guidelines

NSW Koala Recovery Plan 2008
Qld Koala Conservation and Management Plan 2006-2016.
Qld State Government Koala Legislation and Policy.
Victoria Koala Management Strategy
Victoria Koala Issues and Management (DELWP)

Local plans and assessments

Captive and Rehabilitation guidelines

Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines, Exhibited Animals– Koala, Public consultation document, March 2014
SZK Captive Husbandry Guidelines Jackson et al 2000.

Publications and reviews