Mission and Aims

. . .

In our role as a hub we are striving to bring together researchers and koala managers from across the country, so that research can better inform management, and so managers can better direct research, to find the answers they need to save the koala.

The Koala Health Hub was founded on public donations collected by the Koala Park Sanctuary, West Pennant Hills and receives ongoing support from the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

Our Aims:

Create a national network of expertise, support, and co-ordination to those responsible for koalas in care or in the wild;
Provide opportunities for training in the management of diseased koalas;
Generate collaborative research benefits to aid further improvements in koala health, conservation and welfare.


For 30 years, the University of Sydney has been at the forefront of koala disease discovery. Through laboratory and veterinary support, workshops, online communication and individual consultation, The Koala Health Hub connects quality research with those on the coalface of koala management.

We provide

  • evidence for better decision-making on koala care and management,

  • training and advice to support the best outcomes for koalas

  • connections to help koala carers, researchers and government work together for greater effect.