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The Koala Health Hub at the Sydney School of Veterinary Science was established by public donations to better harness the expertise and efforts of carers, researchers, peak bodies and governments for the benefit of the koala. It has been important to us to make good use of those funds for sustained impact.

Since 2014, through outreach, engagement, and development of laboratory capacity, the Koala Health Hub has engaged over 200 diverse stakeholders.  Those stakeholders on the coalface of koala care and management direct our priorities and provide us an avenue to ensure our work has impact where it matters. 


There Are So Many Ways to Lend a Helping Hand

We have used funds efficiently by leveraging additional support and opportunity for impact through commissioned research for government agencies, and through the generosity of volunteers, who help implement our communication and training strategies.

We need your help to sustain our activities. If you would like to support us please contact Damien Higgins (, or our Faculty Development Officer, Judith O’Hagan ( to discuss other avenues for making a difference to the health of our wildlife.