Valentina is a Research Fellow in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney. Valentina’s research aims to implement practical solutions to achieve effective long‐term conservation management actions to help koalas. She currently leads a project examining mortality of koalas in NSW in relation to heat-stress. The final aim of the study is to develop a forecasting tool to predict heat stress risk for koalas based on weather forecast and historical clinical records of koala admission into care. In the past, Valentina has investigated the behaviour and health of koalas in the Liverpool Plains, NSW, in connection with water availability in the environment. The study provided the first practical management solution to help wild koalas through climate change driven heatwaves and droughts. At present, Valentina is also investigating behavioural and health predictors of koala survival following rehabilitation and release back into the wild by evaluating current triage criteria for koalas in care.