The Community Wildlife Survey has reopened!
Share your knowledge of koalas and other mammals, including both native and introduced species. The survey has reopened to help understand how our wildlife and introduced mammals have been impacted by the 2019-20 bushfires. More than ever, we need your sightings from before and after the fires, as well as sightings from areas not affected by fire.

The Community Wildlife Survey is being funded as part of the NSW Koala Strategy. Data from the survey can help identify sites for priority action under the NSW Koala Strategy as well as forming part of koala monitoring across the State.
We encourage you to complete the survey and forward the survey to others who have data to share.

Have seen the following ten mammals over the last two years?

  • brushtail possums
  • platypus
  • wombats
  • echidna
  • koalas
  • spotted-tailed quolls
  • kangaroos (all species)
  • dingoes
  • foxes
  • deer

Help the public get a better understanding of wildlife across NSW by completing the survey at It is expected to take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Even if you have not seen any of the mammals, there are other questions in the survey where your knowledge will help.