The NSW Koala Strategy sets out actions for the first three years of a longer-term
vision to stabilise and increase koala populations across the State.
During this first phase the NSW Government have committed $44.7 million to stabilise koala
populations. This funding includes $20 million to acquire land to protect
koala habitat and $24.7 million to implement strategy actions.
This Strategy responds to the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer’s 2016
Independent Review into the Decline of Koala Populations in Key Areas
of NSW.

An expert advisory committee chaired by the NSW Chief Scientist &
Engineer guided the development of this Strategy. The Strategy was
also informed by extensive community and stakeholder consultation.
It will coordinate government and community action to improve koala
outcomes. It is based on the principles of on-ground action, monitoring
and embedding new insights into practice. This will allow the Strategy to
be adapted in response to our learnings from the first phase of actions.

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